FaZe take down Encore; Vitality overcome Astralis

The second pair of matches ended.

The first day of IEM Dallas continues, and two more matches have come to an end.

The confrontation between FaZe and Encore ended first.

In the first half of Dust 2, FaZe won 13 rounds on the CT side. The second half ended quickly, Encore could not stop their opponents and lost the map 16-5. The best player of the match was Twistzz with a rating of 8.5.

FaZe continue to win
FaZe continue to win

In the second match, Vitality faced Astralis.

Vitality confidently started Vertigo and won the first half 9-6. After the sides switched, Astralis returned to the game, but could not provide enough resistance and lost the map 16-12. The best rating was shown by ZywOo - 8.0.

FaZe and Vitality will meet in the upper semi-final of Group A, while Astralis and Encore are sent to the lower bracket.