FaZe vs. Movistar Riders - Do the Spaniards Have a Chance?

Would Movistar Riders continue to surprise?

IEM Cologne semi-finals will take place today, and Movistar Riders will meet with FaZe Clan. At first glance, FaZe looks like a clear favorite, but is it really so?

Will Movistar Riders survive?
Will Movistar Riders survive?


Both teams have very little space for maneuver on the map veto. The bands have different permabans - Vertigo and Dust2. So, the choice of maps will be a template. However, who will be easier on the map veto? This question is tough to answer. Teams are approximately equal in terms of the level of play on possible maps. The only thing that can prevent Movistar Riders from choosing profitable maps is the Vertigo ban, which is one of the most popular maps for the Spaniards. However, they can easily get out of the situation by choosing Nuke or Mirage, and FaZe will likely pick their most popular card (Inferno). The most likely map veto options are Inferno-Nuke-Mirage, Inferno-Mirage-Ancient, Nuke-Inferno-Ancient.

The Shape

The Spaniards are surprised with every game. If not for the defeat to NaVi in the group stage of IEM Cologne, their win-streak would already be 11 matches. Among these games, there are confrontations with G2, Vitality, and Virtus.pro, which indicates a high level of play on the part of Movistar Riders. At the same time, even in the match with NaVi, the team won one map and fought for victory. However, will their form be enough against FaZe?

FaZe got back in shape
FaZe got back in shape

FaZe showed a decline after the championship at PGL Major Antwerp 2022. However, after the group stage, it became clear that the European team was coming back. FaZe didn't experience any problems at all, not even losing a map. FaZe are as strong as they were at the Major again, and this fact can demolish Movistar Riders, given the experience of the international team on the stage.


Of course, FaZe look like the favorites, but the team has not yet met with Movistar Riders, who can surprise. Detailed pre-match statistics can be viewed here.