Fnatic overcome LookingForOrg in Group A at ESL Pro League

The first 2-1 at the league.

The second day of ESL Pro League Season 15 has come to a close, and the last much of the day was a bit more competitive than two previous standoffs.

LookingForOrg faced fnatic in the last match of the day. Both teams lost their first clashes.

fnatic achieve the first victory at the event
fnatic achieve the first victory at the event

LookingForOrg picked Dust 2, and it was the most competitive map of the match. The first half looked equal, but fnatic managed to win eight rounds on the CT side. After the sides switched, both teams took their rounds, but LookingForOrg were a bit more confident and finished their pick 16-13.

Fnatic decided to play Inferno and started their domination from the beginning of the map. They won 11 rounds out of 15 on the T side, and it was enough to win the game 16-8.

Overpass was the decider. Fnatic were a bit less confident in the first half but didn’t give any chance to their opponents on the T side losing only one round throughout the half. European team won the last map of a standoff 16-7.

Fnatic take their first win, while LookingForOrg are yet to achieve victory at the event.