FURIA Esports will play with "honda" during EPL S14

FURIA Esports will play with "honda" during EPL S14

Another chance for the talented youngster.

An unexpected chance to impress the committee.

FURIA Esports’s request to get a waiver to replace “honda” with “drop” before the beginning of ESL Pro League Season 14 was denied by ESL, as the Brazilian team is still seeking a long-term replacement for “junior”.

As a result, FURIA will fly “honda” to Europe to prepare for the games in group D, while “drop” is going to begin playing for the main team during the North American RMR qualifier at the IEM Fall, where FURIA Esports will need to finish in top-6 to guarantee themselves a return to the Major.

For now, however, the band is back together for one last ride, as it still seems very likely, that neither “drop” or “honda” will be a part of the team come 2022, when FURIA will conclude their search to find a substitution for “HEN1”, who led team to become a top-10 staple in 2020.