FURIA overcome Vitality on day 3 of Group B

FURIA win three matches in a row.

The third day of Group B at ESL Pro League has started, and the first winner has been decided.

FURIA faced Vitality in the opening match of day 3. Brazilians won two previous standoffs, while Vitality didn’t manage to cope with ENCE yesterday.

FURIA picked Vertigo and Vitality weren’t able to do anything about Brazilian domination. FURIA easily won 11 rounds on the T side and finished it off with a series of 5 rounds in the second half. The first map ended 16-4.

FURIA are on their way to the playoff
FURIA are on their way to the playoff

Vitality chose Inferno and did a better job on that map. They won comfortable eight rounds on the T side. After the sides switched, FURIA showed resistance, but Vitality didn’t lose control and finished the map 16-12.

The decider was Nuke, and it turned out to be the most competitive map of the match. Vitality didn’t cope with pressure on the T side, winning only six rounds. However, they returned to the game at the end of the map, almost making it to the overtime, but FURIA didn’t allow Vitality to do it, finishing the decider 16-14.

FURIA take the third win in a row and almost secure the playoff spot, while Vitality suffer from the second defeat in Group B.