FURIA vs. Spirit - Who Will Leave IEM Cologne?

Who will have a chance to fight for a place in the playoffs?

The fourth game day of IEM Cologne will start very soon. Four more teams will leave the tournament today. One of the elimination matches will be FURIA and Spirit, which will determine the finalist of Group B's lower bracket. Who will get a chance to fight for a place in the IEM Cologne playoffs?

Can FURIA start a winning streak?
Can FURIA start a winning streak?


Map veto in this match looks obvious, and Spirit is in a better position. After permobans, the CIS team can immediately choose Ancient, which looks much better than FURIA. Also, Spirit can surprise the Brazilians with a sudden peak of Overpass, which FURIA has problems with. This map is the second permaban of the team. Nuke will also be an excellent choice for Spirit. Literally, any pick of the CIS team will be correct. The most likely variants of veto maps: Ancient-Vertigo-Nuke, Ancient-Vertigo-Overpass, Vertigo-Overpass-Nuke.

The Shape

The game shape of FURIA looks extremely unstable. Yesterday's victory over Virtus.pro after a four-match streak was even surprising. However, with results like FURIA's, Spirit will be hard to beat.

Spirit look stronger than their opponents
Spirit look stronger than their opponents

At the same time, Spirit shows an excellent gameplay level. The team imposes a fight and beats the teams of tier-1. Even yesterday's defeat by FaZe was not devastating. The statistics of personal meetings also speak in favor of Spirit. Recently the CIS team beat FURIA twice.


Spirit is the clear favorite in this match. The team looks better than its opponents both in terms of map veto and in terms of playing shape. However, after yesterday's victory over Virtus.pro, FURIA could gain confidence, allowing them to show a higher level. Detailed pre-match statistics can be viewed here.