G2 destroy NIP to enter group final

G2 are the first finalists of group A at Blast Premier Spring Groups.

The first finalist of group A at Blast Premier Spring Groups is decided. G2 destroyed NIP.

NIP faced G2 after overcoming BIG in the opening round of group A. NIP continue to play with a stand-in as Nicolai "⁠device⁠" Reedtz missing the tournament.

G2 continue to dominate
G2 continue to dominate

The map leftover after the map veto was Inferno, which was comfortable for both teams. However, G2 looked much more confident in the first half destroying their opponents, who were struggling on the T-side. After the sides switched, the situation didn’t change, and NIP had problems while G2 were fulfilling their potential. The map ended with a score of 16-5 in favor of the European team.

NIP are falling to the lower bracket to face the winner of Complexity vs BIG standoff, while G2 are waiting for their opponents in the group final.