Gambit eliminate CPH Flames; secure spot in playoff

Both CIS teams win their matches.

The second day of the group stage at IEM Katowice has come to a close, and another team have left the tournament.

Firstly, faced NIP in the upper semifinal of group A.

NIP picked Overpass and didn’t give any chance to the Swedish team. The first half was a disaster for NIP, and they couldn’t come back in the second half, losing the map 16-9. However, they returned to the game on the’s pick to transfer the match onto the third map. The decider wasn’t fortunate for NIP, as they failed to win a comfortable amount of rounds in the first half, and it led to the defeat. take the spot in the playoff at IEM Katowice take the spot in the playoff at IEM Katowice secure the spot in the playoff and are preparing to face Heroic, while NIP are waiting to battle MOUZ in the lower bracket of group A.

Secondly, Gambit faced CPH Flames in the first round of the lower bracket.

CPH Flames picked Overpass. CIS team showed nearly perfect resistance in the first half, winning nine rounds out of 15. The second half was intense, but Gambit managed to take the win with a score of 16-12. Inferno was much more competitive as both halves were close. However, in the end, CPH Flames snatched the victory. The last map was dominated by the CIS team. The Danish team didn’t have any chance to win the decider. Gambit took the map with a score of 16-6.

CPH Flames leave the tournament, while Gambit are preparing to face Vitality.