Gambit, Spirit join NAVI at PGL Major Stockholm 2021

Three teams in, two spots left to play for.

Second day of the regional competition.

IEM Fall CIS continued on Day 2 with twelve more games, as all twelve teams attempted at making a run towards a coveted playoffs spot and a chance to get closer to PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

Natus Vincere survived against Entropiq on Nuke, despite falling behind “4-11” at the half, winning “16-14” and after adding a convincing “16-8” win over Akuma on Overpass, were left alone with a stellar record. All because Team Spirit lost to Entropiq, as the latter improved to a “3-1” after that win on Overpass, tying up with Spirit and Nemiga Gaming trailing by one win, as they managed to take care of the underdogs in the group. While group A looked predictable, group B turned into an absolute mess. managed to outlast Gambit Esports on Mirage in the second overtime, “22-20” but followed it with a loss to INDE IRAE on the very same map - “14-16”, despite leading “14-10”. forZe looked to rebound after a disappointing Day 1 with a “16-13” win over K23 on Vertigo, but then fumbled against Gambit Esports in the overtime, even if they had a monstrous “13-3” lead, which eliminated them from the playoffs contention and, likely, a Major spot. Now Gambit Esports, and INDE IRAE, who have added another “16-14” Mirage win over Team Unique, are tied for first before the last round tomorrow.

Gambit Esports and Team Spirit have joined Natus Vincere at PGL Major Stockholm 2021 after the second day, but other two spots are still in play.