Heroic leave IEM Winter 2021

FaZe eliminate the Danish team.

Heroic suddenly lost two matches in a row and left IEM Winter 2021. The Danish team faced FaZe in the lower bracket of group B.

Heroic failed IEM WInter 2021
Heroic failed IEM WInter 2021

The first map was Inferno and it was insanely close. Heroic did their best to win 8 rounds on the CT but after teams switched sides FaZe showed incredible defense to finish the map with a score of 16-13.

The second map was Nuke and it was Heroic’s pick. The Danish did a good job in the attack taking 6 rounds but FaZe reached the match point earlier and it was too late for Heroic to come back. Heroic lost Nuke with the closest score possible – 16-14.

Faze advance to the next round of the lower bracket where they will face fnatic. Heroic will have time to prepare for Blast Premier World Final.