Imperial win OMEN WGR European Challenge 2022

Fallen’s team get their first trophy.

OMEN WGR European Challenge 2022 has come to a close and this tier-2 tournament was curious in terms of the teams taking part in the event. The most curious team were Imperial, who didn’t attend many events and it was one of their first performances.

Fallen gets his first trophy with a new team
Fallen gets his first trophy with a new team

And Imperial won this event. In the grand final Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo’s squad snatched the victory from Falcons, who unexpectedly destroyed SAW in the semifinal. Imperial experienced a tough match in the grand final as both maps were as close as it was possible. However, the Brazilian team still won the match 2-0 without a need of playing the decider.

Although, the tournament wasn’t perfect for Imperial. They lost two maps throughout the event. The first defeat was in the group stage against SAW, while the second lost map occurred in the semifinal against MASONIC. It is surely not the result Fallen was hoping for, but Imperial still won the event. 

Now the team is preparing for Americas RMR event which starts on 11th of April.