Liquid destroy Astralis at Blast Premier World Final

The American team continue to shine.

Another match of the lower bracket at Blast Premier World Final 2021 has been finished and another team has been eliminated. Liquid unexpectedly beat Astralis to stay alive at the tournament.

Liquid continue to surprise
Liquid continue to surprise

Astralis picked Dust 2 and the first half of this map became a disaster for the Danish team. Liquid dominated the CT side winning 12 rounds of 15. All they needed is to finish the game on the T side. And the American team managed to do it finishing the map with a score of 16-9.

The Liquid’s pick was much more competitive. Astralis looked more stable on the CT side of Mirage taking 8 rounds. However, it was not enough to comfortably win the map. Liquid came back to finish the map with a score of 16-13.

Astralis leave Blast Premier World Final 2021 taking 5-6th place while Liquid are preparing to face NaVi in the lower final.