TL brush off NiP in EPL S14

TL brush off NiP in EPL S14

A contender once again.

A powerful performance.

Ninjas in Pyjamas and Team Liquid, fresh off a relatively disappointing performance at IEM Cologne 2021, looked to rebound at ESL Pro League Season 14 before moving to the key stretch of the season.

As TL opted into the Inferno pick, it was all about their offence, as NiP were unable to string rounds together, while Liquid switched to the defence after an “11-4” masterclass. The Scandinavian mix still tried to put up a fight, as they reduced the deficit to three, but a broken economy late in the game sealed the deal, as the North American team secured the map, “16-9”. Moving to Dust2, Ninjas in Pyjamas’s pick, Team Liquid locked down the sites, once again not losing consecutive rounds and this time getting to the break with a “12-3” lead. NiP attempted a last minute comeback, as they got to “10-14”, but a pair of well played executes gave Team Liquid a “16-10” and a “2-0” series win.

In the second round Team Liquid will try to upset Gambit Esports for a chance to finish first in group D, while Ninjas in Pyjamas have to find a win against Entropiq to stabilize their position in the ESL Pro League Season 14.