Liquid vs. FURIA - Who Will Defend the Region's Honor in the Quarterfinals of IEM Cologne?

FURIA performed well against Spirit. Will they succeed with Liquid?

The match between Liquid and FURIA will not only be a game for first place in the American region, but also for the right to represent the whole Western Hemisphere in the IEM Cologne playoffs.

The path of both teams in the group stage turned out to be quite similar: first, they both lost in the opening match, but in the lower bracket, they beat the favorites.

Liquid and FURIA are on a morale boost, having managed to play during the tournament: YEKINDAR is showing a good game, and the Brazilians broke a losing streak of 4 matches.


Liquid vs. FURIA. Game shape

If we look at the maps, we are almost guaranteed to see Vertigo, the often picked map of both teams. The Brazilians can be playing a big game on different maps.

Liquid vs. FURIA. Statistics on maps
Liquid vs. FURIA. Statistics on maps

We have a very even match on our hands, which can end in anyone's favor. However, Liquid has a weak side consisting of captain nitr0 with unstable individual performance. Therefore, without the active involvement of the Americans in the game, FURIA will most likely win two maps in a row.

IEM Cologne 2022 takes place on July 5 - 17 in Cologne, Germany. The teams are fighting for a prize pool of 1 million dollars. The schedule and results of the competition can be followed here.