Mantuu About Leaving OG: "We didn't Have a Discussion About the Situation"

Former OG player Mateusz mantuu Wilczewski told how he was informed that he was replaced by Abdul degster Hasanov. The esportsman shared that they did not discuss his kick with him.

It was strange. We didn't discuss the situation. It wasn't something like, "Maybe to improve and move to the next level, we should replace you. We will try to take a risk and go this way." There was no conversation. Basically, it was like, "Boom, degster is better. Boom, he's joining the team." And I'm leaving.
Mateusz mantuu Wilczewski

On July 15, it became known that degster had replaced mantuu as part of OG. Wilczewski remains on the team as a substitute. Earlier it became known that OG received an invitation to the ESL Challenger Melbourne. You can read more about this here.