MIBR unexpectedly smash NAVI in the first match of group B

NAVI are entering the lower bracket.

Group B matches of Blast Premier Spring Groups have started, and the first result came as a surprise.

NAVI faced MIBR in the opening clash of group B. NAVI looked much more powerful than MIBR as they are still the best team in the world.

NAVI lost the first match of the season
NAVI lost the first match of the season

The beginning of Dust 2 looked predictable as NAVI were leading with a score of 5-3. However, MIBR started to come back after winning the eco-round and managed to finish the half with a score of 8-7. NAVI tried to seize the advantage but were unsuccessful, and the Brazilian team won the game 16-12.

After this sensational result, NAVI are preparing to face the loser of the OG vs Astralis standoff, while MIBR are waiting for the winner of this clash.