Movistar Riders Defeated G2 in the Opening Match of IEM Cologne 2022

G2 went to the lower bracket of Group A of IEM Cologne 2022, having failed to cope with the Spaniards from Movistar Riders.

Maps score: Vertigo (Movistar Riders) - 16:12, Inferno (G2) - 16:9.

In the upper bracket semi-finals, Movistar Riders will play with the winner of the pair Vitality - ENCE, and the loser will play with G2 in the lower bracket.

The best player of the match was the sniper of Movistar Riders SunPayus with a rating of 7.2 and a KD of 42-21.

IEM Cologne 2022 runs on July 5-17. The teams are fighting for a prize pool of one million dollars. The schedule and results of the competition can be tracked here.