Movistar Riders shock Players at ESL Pro League

Spanish squad get the second win.

Day 2 of Group C at ESL Pro League Season 15 has started, and the first match ended with a surprising result.

Movistar Riders faced Players. Both teams won their first standoffs at the event.

Movistar Riders take down Players
Movistar Riders take down Players

Movistar Riders picked Inferno and didn’t manage to seize an early advantage. Players didn’t allow Spaniards to show confident performance on the T side, winning eight rounds out of 15. However, after the sides switched, Movistar Riders came back and finished the map 16-14.

Players decided to play Mirage. And the map started with Players’ domination. They didn’t give any space to Movistar Riders in the first half getting 11 rounds. Spanish squad tried to return to the game on the T side, but the CIS team quickly won their pick 16-7.

The decider was Ancient, and Players confidently started that map. They won 6 rounds in a row but didn’t manage to continue their domination, and the first half ended 9-6 in favor of Movistar Riders. The second half wasn’t fortunate for Players either, and the Spanish team finished the decider 16-9.

Movistar Riders take the second victory, while Players add the first defeat to their account.