MSL forms a new team

MSL forms a new team

A true heir to North

New Danish lineup comes to life.

While “MSL” did not get an in-game leading spot in Fnatic, it did not prevent Danish captain from building a yet another lineup in his storied career.

Two of his former North teammates, “aizy” and “JUGI” will join the squad, forming a core, which is very experienced in playing together. That marks the end of “JUGI”’s Valorant adventures and his full-time return to CS:GO, where he is going to hold an AWP once again.

Fessor”, who impressed in his short stint in HYENAS project, which fell apart once “Kjaerbye” decided to retire from professional play, is going to be a part of new lineup, while “TENZKI”, ex-Team Dignitas and Nordavind rifler will round out the mix.

New roster is going to be fighting to become the third best team in Denmark after Astralis and Heroic and will likely participate in PGL Major Stockholm qualifiers as well as multiple lesser events this fall.

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