NaVi ease past Evil Geniuses at ESL Pro League

NaVi get a quick win in their second match.

Day 2 of Group D at ESL Pro League has come to a close, and the last match of the day has been finished swiftly.

NaVi faced Evil Geniuses. Previously, NaVi got their first victory against AGO, while Evil Geniuses didn’t cope with Astrails.

NaVi get their second win at EPL
NaVi get their second win at EPL

Evil Geniuses picked Overpass, and it was a disaster for the American team. NaVi dominated on the CT side, destroying Evil Geniuses. The first half ended 13-2 in favor of the CIS team. The match was finished quickly after the sides switched. NaVi won the first map 16-2.

NaVi chose Dust 2 and started the map with domination once again. The CIS team got 11 rounds on the T side. In the second half, Evil Geniuses fought back, but it was not enough to stop Natus Vincere. The last map of the standoff ended 16-10 in favor of the CIS team.

NaVi reach their second victory, while Evil Geniuses add the second defeat to their account.