NaVi ease past FURIA in group B at IEM Katowice, secure spot in playoff

NaVi destroyed Brazilian team.

The upper bracket semifinals of group B at IEM Katowice have started, and the first match has been finished.

NaVi faced FURIA, who destroyed Astralis in the opening round of group B.

NaVi take the spot in the playoff
NaVi take the spot in the playoff

FURIA picked Mirage, and it was a catastrophe for Brazilians. NaVi on 13 rounds in the first half and quickly finished the game after the sides switched, winning the first map 16-2.

Nuke was picked by NaVi, and it was much more competitive. However, the CT side by FURIA was not perfect. The Brazilian team lost important rounds, making it only 5-10. They tried to come back and were quite successful in the beginning, but NaVi didn’t allow them to win the second map finishing the game with a score of 16-12.

NaVi advance to the group final and secure the spot in the playoff, while FURIA fall to the lower bracket to face G2.