Natus Vincere win PGL Major Stockholm 2021

A spectacular run to the trophy.

The final match of the event.

With the championship in sight, both G2 Esports and Natus Vincere entered the stage at PGL Major Stockholm 2021, seeking their first Major victory in CS:GO.

Starting on Ancient, it looked as G2 Esports are in control, as the French-Balkan mix led “7-5”, but the CIS team still switched to the break with a one round lead after their defence. G2 managed to win three out of the first four rounds, retaking the lead at “10-9”, but Natus Vincere’s offence turned the heat on after that, as they won seven out of the following eight and the entire map, “16-11”. Moving to Nuke, things looked grim for G2, as NAVI have not lost on Nuke in months, but the European squad managed to obtain a “10-5” lead at halftime. A force buy win for NAVI stalled out G2 for a moment, who still had a “14-7” lead and then “15-10”, but could not close it in the regulation. The number one team in the world had chances in the first overtime, but G2 Esports forced a second set of additional rounds, where Natus Vincere finally broke through, winning the map, “22-19”, the series, “2-0” and the title at PGL Major Stockholm 2021.


Finally winning that coveted Major championship in CS:GO with a million dollars prize, as well as do it with an undefeated run - Natus Vincere are on top of the Counter-Strike world once again, like they have never left that spot before.