NIP and SINNERS get first wins at Europe RMR B

Two more matches of round 1 ended.

The first day of PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Europe RMR B progresses, and another two squads have got their first victories.

Firstly, NIP faced Endpoint. NIP were clear favorites and proved with the result of the standoff. The Swedish team seized an early advantage and swiftly finished the game in the second half making it 16-8.

NIP ease past Endpoint
NIP ease past Endpoint

NIP go to 1-0, while Endpoint fall into the 0-1 group.

Secondly, HEET encountered SINNERS.

The French squad dominated in the first half, winning nine rounds on the T side. However, SINNERS destroyed their opponents after the sides switched and finished the game 16-11.

SINNERS take their first win, while HEET are waiting for their opponent in the 0-1 group.