NiP sweep Gambit in EPL S14

NiP sweep Gambit in EPL S14

An important victory for the Scandinavian mix.

An unexpected result to end the group stage.

Gambit Esports guaranteed themselves the first place finish yesterday, as noone could overtake them with a potential loss, while Ninjas in Pyjamas could still get eliminated in case of FURIA Esports winning against Team Liquid, no matter the result.

NiP started strong on their own pick of Ancient, but Gambit still managed to obtain a narrow lead at the halftime, but a botched anti-eco round to start the second half turned the game around. The Scandinavian mix managed to take control of the economy and never allowed Gambit Esports to string two consecutive rounds, winning the first map, “16-12”. Going to Inferno, NiP once again jumped out of the gates, leading “9-1” before Gambit managed to reduce the deficit to five. Another pistol round victory allowed NiP to hit a “14-5” lead and “LNZ”’s “1v4” clutch was the final nail in the coffin, as the Swedish-Danish squad won “16-6”, for a “2-0” series victory.

Gambit Esports will now wait for their opponent in the quarterfinals, while Ninjas in Pyjamas can still get eliminated later tonight, when Team Liquid and FURIA Esports finish their match.