NIP Sent Heroic to the Lower Bracket of Group A at IEM Cologne

NIP started their performance at IEM Cologne 2022 by defeating Heroic in a very close BO3 series.

Maps score (2:0): Ancient (Heroic) - 16:13, Inferno (NIP) - 16:13.

The hampus proved to be the best in the match, winning back with 7.2 ratings and 52-35 KD.

Despite the victory, only he and es3tag played better than the other participants in the match.

Next, the Swedes will play against the winner of the pair NAVI - MOUZ, and Heroic - with the loser of the same series.

IEM Cologne 2022 runs on July 5-17. The teams are fighting for a prize pool of one million dollars. The schedule and results of the competition can be tracked here.