NIP suddenly beat G2 to advance to Grand Final of IEM Winter

The Swedish team go over G2 despite the stand-in.

The last semifinal of IEM Winter 2021 has been finished and now we know both finalists. NIP surprisingly overcame G2.

NIP win the semifinal despite the absence of device
NIP win the semifinal despite the absence of device

The map picked by NIP was Nuke. T side wasn’t fortunate for the Swedish. However, after the sides switched NIP managed to come back and transfer the map to the overtime. G2 weren’t able to take 4 rounds and NIP finished the first map with a score of 16-19.

The second map was Dust 2 and G2 fully dominated it on the T side and it was easy for them to finish the map after the sides switched. The game ended with a score of 16-10 in favor of the French team and the clash continued on the third map.

The final of the match was played on Inferno. It was a difficult game for both teams. NIP managed to win 8 rounds on both sides and overcome G2.

G2 leave the tournament while NIP are preparing for Vitality to face them in the Grand Final.