Ex-Dire Wolves sweep ORDER, to IEM Fall Oceania finals

The clear best in the rest of the pack.

Another rematch is coming up in the grand finals.

With no chance to qualify for PGL Major Stockholm, ORDER and Looking for Org still clashed in the consolidation final at IEM Fall Oceania, seeking a yet another match against Renegades.

Back and forth to start the game on Overpass, Looking for Org went on a run while being up “9-8”, which allowed them to take control of the economy game and snatch the ORDER’s map pick, “16-10”. Moving to Nuke, ex-Dire Wolves once again started strong, as they led “10-5” at the half before switching to the defence. ORDER secured the pistol round to try and jumpstart their offence, but a force buy victory in the very next round allowed Looking for Org to cruise to the finish line, “16-9”, “2-0”.

With ORDER and VERTEX eliminated, IEM Fall Oceania is up to the two best teams in the region, as Renegades and Looking for Org will clash for the fourth time in a span of two weeks.