OverDrive Has Told the Percentage of Organization's Prizes Money Cut Received In CS:GO

OverDrive Has Told the Percentage of Organization's Prizes Money Cut Received In CS:GO

How much money is left for players and coaches?

Alexey OverDrive Biryukov spoke on his stream about how prizes are distributed in professional teams.

The prize fund is usually divided into six parts. The coach and the players usually get an equal share. Top organizations do not take any percentage of prizes. This usually happens among poor organizations. There is still an adequate solution. For example, the organization takes a cut of awards over $20,000. But usually, all tier-1 organizations don't care about the prize money at all. They are not interested in it. Instead, they receive money from sponsors.
Alexey OverDrive Biryukov

Is OverDrive Right?

OverDrive's statement sounds logical, except that the coaches get paid the same as the players. Still, organizations have differing opinions on this issue.

For example, the coach of Vitality, Denny zonic Sorensen, said that Astralis does not collect a percentage of the prizes from the player. Still, the trainer received only 10% of the money, while the players received 18%.

Zonic from Astralis received less prizes than players
Zonic from Astralis received less prizes than players

In general, all organizations likely have different conditions for paying prizes. For example, the organization Virtus.pro, which is currently in crisis due to sanctions, and performs under the neutral tag Outsiders, according to rumors, took 60% of the stickers' sales from players. Therefore, a huge percentage is also taken from VP's prizes.

However, in general, OverDrive is right, and tier-1 organizations are not interested in taking players' prizes. But each organization has different contracts that apply to players and coaches.

What About Eastern European Organizations?

There are a few large organizations left in Eastern Europe. If we are talking about tier-1, it is obvious that NAVI does not take a percentage from the prizes. The organization makes good money from sponsorship contracts, merch and stickers.

Most likely, Spirit has exactly the conditions that OverDrive talked about. He works with this organization and scouts players for it. And we already talked about Outsiders earlier. So most likely, now the organization takes a large percentage of the prizes.