reatz, Sobol round out PACT's active lineup

reatz, Sobol round out PACT's active lineup

Another Polish shuffle

Another roster change in CS:GO.

Polish CS:GO, seeking its return to glory, which is missing since the legendary lineup dissolution, has a lot of talented players but can’t find a perfect combination in few lineups.

PACT, one of most invested teams in CS:GO, decided to make a bunch of changes in attempt to getting closer to the top. One of its long-standing members, “darko” and newcomer “Bielany” were moved to the bench, while “Sobol” is going to return to the active lineup. Another player joining will be “reatz”, fresh of his stint with AGO Gaming, who made strides during last few months and returned close to top-20 in the world.

It remains to be seen if “reatz” is going to go back to in-game leading or PACT are going to shuffle roles around, but Polish squad is aiming to become one of the best teams in the lower tier of competition and ultimately transition higher.

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