Playoff of IEM Winter 2021 is set to start

Group stage has been finished.

The group stage of IEM Winter 2021 has come to a close and now we know the teams who will perform in the playoff. take the spot in the semi-finals take the spot in the semi-finals

G2 overcame Vitality in the upper bracket final. It was an extremely competitive match, in which two first maps ended with the closest score possible. However, the last game was dominated by G2 and that led to their win in the match. G2 took the spot in the semi-final, Vitality advanced to the quarter-final, where they will face Gambit.

The second spot in the semi-final was taken by, who destroyed GODSENT in the upper bracket final. Brazilian mix will face NIP in the playoff's opening match, are waiting for the winners of the Vitality vs Gambit clash to battle them in the semi-final.

The playoff is starting today with the GODSENT vs NIP standoff.