Rain: "The BO5 Final Between FaZe and NAVI Could Be a Great End to the Season"

FaZe player Howard rain Nygard told what he expects from a possible match with NAVI in the IEM Cologne 2022 final.

Of course, I want to take revenge on NAVI for the defeat at BLAST Premier Spring Final 2022. If we do meet, then NAVI will also need to take revenge for the Major final, where we beat them. I think that at BLAST, we didn't show the real power of FaZe. It was just one failed match. The BO5 final between FaZe and NAVI could be a great end to the season.
Howard rain Nygard

Today at 8:00 PM FaZe will play with Movistar Riders in the IEM Cologne semi-finals. NAVI and Astralis met in a parallel confrontation.