Renegades Scroes Victory Against VERTEX

Renegades Scroes Victory Against VERTEX

Liam “Malta” Schembri brought victory to the Renegades as he won against VERTEX in the Minor Championship Playoffs of the EPIC League Oceania Spring 2021.

The Playoffs began with Vertigo, over which the Renegades reigned victoriously. With a final score of 16-13 for the Renegades, VERTEX was crushed after it was defeated a total of 13 times by the Renegades. The next match was in Inferno, where the Renegades scored 16-11, taking out the entire VERTEX team a total of 9 times. This score sealed the victory for the Renegades.

By the end of the tournament, the Renegades won over VERTEX with a score of 2-0 – taking the Renegades higher up the ranks. Most of the kills that led to the victory of the renegades were dealt by Liam “Malta” Schembri, who took out a total of 20 opponents. The enemy team was also kept at bay by Jordan “Hatz” Bajic, who made a total of 24 headshots throughout the game.

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