Rumor: A New Operation Will Be Released Soon In CS:GO

Rumor: A New Operation Will Be Released Soon In CS:GO

Data miner believes that Valve is preparing to release the operation.

The data miner thinks a new operation will be released in CS:GO soon.

A data miner named MOLEKURYATNYK found information about a new operation in the SteamDB database. The YouTuber said that after creating a backup of the stable version, the developers also created an additional object with three data types. Previous operations were added to the game in the same way.

Can We Trust This Information?

There are many indications that the operation is about to release. In addition to the data, as mentioned earlier, this is also said by the new release cycle of operations from Valve. If they adhere to the new target, the following operation should be released in the winter. Otherwise, the developers risk significantly shifting the release time of the operations, which they followed for two years.

Also, the prolonged absence of content indicates the imminent release of the combat pass. The last time players received completely new content was before the IEM Rio Major 2022. Then the spectator pass, and Major stickers were added to the game.


Will Valve Make It?

The main problem with this hypothesis is that we know about the active work on the game's transition to Source 2. So the developers need more time for any other content. And if Valve suddenly releases the operation, it will complicate the transition even more. This is what Maksim Gabe Follower Poletaev, the other data miner, says.

I have doubts about the operation in CS:GO, about which rumors are spreading. Valve should definitely release cosmetic items, skins, or stickers, but the operation is unlikely. This will seriously mess up their plans with Source 2.
Maxim Gabe Follower Poletaev

Therefore, it is not worth counting on the operation. Instead, players will most likely receive new cosmetics in the form of stickers or skins.

When Will the Update Come Out?

The update, whatever it may be, should be released in the coming days since the developers have already made a backup of the stable version.