Rumor: shox to leave Liquid

Liquid might change the roster after the first Major.

At the beginning of the season, Liquid radically changed the squad, signing three new players. One of them was Richard "shox" Papillon, who became the only European in the new line-up. And it looks like he's not very happy with his new team.

Dot Esports reports that shox has already decided to leave Liquid. The decision is supported by unsatisfactory results and inconveniences with traveling to America.

shox might leave Liquid in the near future
shox might leave Liquid in the near future

Liquid failed to perform in the Legends Stage of PGL Major Antwerp 2022 without winning a single map and left the tournament with 0-3 on their account. However, it cannot be said that shox stood out much against the team. Taking part in the Legends Stage, the Frenchman showed an average rating of 4.8, which makes him one of the worst players of the tournament. Looking at his KD, the ratio is also one of the worst in the tournament - -36 after three matches and five maps. However, perhaps the problem really lies in the team, and shox has not been able to find a common language with the rest of the players. Before, the player communicated only in French, and now he had to switch to English. This is one of the many inconveniences that prevents shox from showing his best performance.

But does the player have options besides Liquid or is it time for the legend to retire? We will find out in the near future.