Spirit advance to the Legends Stage; IHC leave PGL Major Antwerp 2022

One more team joined the Legends.

The third day of PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Challengers Stage has started, and the first two matches ended.

The Spirit vs Astralis match ended first. Both teams had 2-1 on their record and were fighting to reach the next stage.

The match started with an Overpass, picked by Spirit. Astralis showed an excellent game in the first half and won 10 rounds on the CT side. However, after the sides switched, Spirit were able to get back into the game and won their pick 16-12. On the Astralis' choice, the CIS team showed the highest level of performance. This is especially clearly shown by the statistics - three Spirit players finished the map with a rating of more than eight. This game ended 16-6 and was the last in the confrontation. The best player of the match was degster with a 7.8 rating.

Spirit advance to the Legends Stage
Spirit advance to the Legends Stage

In the second clash, Imperial and IHC fought for survival. Both teams had two defeats on their record.

IHC chose Mirage and, excluding problems in the first half, showed a confident game on their pick, finishing the game 16-11. However, on the next map, IHC could not show their best performance and lost 16-10, completely collapsing in the second half. On the decider, which turned out to be Mirage, Imperial dominated the first half. However, the Mongolian team was not going to give up and returned to the game after the sides switched. But it was not enough, and the Brazilians won the map 16-12. Boltz showed the best statistics - 6.8.

Spirit advance to the Legends Stage, IHC leave the event. At the same time, Astralis and Imperial go to 2-2.