Strike About BLAST Premier Spring Final 2022: "Frankly Speaking, NAVI Wasn't the Main Pretenders to Win"

Commentator Yuriy Strike Tereshchenko shared his impressions of BLAST Premier Spring Final 2022. In an interview, he said that he was surprised by the performance of Natus Vincere and, at the same time, disappointed by FaZe Clan.

Frankly speaking, NAVI was not the main pretender for the victory. We all expected FaZe to go beyond the quarterfinals. And the fact that they did not even make it to the final shocked me personally.
For FaZe, everything started very well, which cannot be said about NAVI, who lost to OG at the start of the tournament. However, FaZe's game in the playoffs, specifically against NAVI, made us all think. So, where is the FaZe, which recently won the Major?

NAVI finally showed themselves the way we used to see them. Viktor sdy Orudzhev completed the line-up well. And in general, the team gained more and more momentum from match to match after its first defeat. As a result, we have the victory of the "born to win."
Yuri Strike Tereshchenko

Strike joined WePlay Esports in February 2019. He worked as a CS: GO commentator at StarLadder studio before that.