Thorin: "Losing Yekindar Is Very Serious for the Outsiders"

Thorin gave his opinion about the Outsiders.

The Outsiders team, after the player changes, discussed very often. Yesterday, the CIS team made it through the IEM Cologne group stage, and Duncan Thorin Shields shared his thoughts on the team on the Competitive Edge podcast.

Thorin sees the Outsiders as a strong team
Thorin sees the Outsiders as a strong team

Thorin acknowledged that the Outsiders were weaker after YEKINDAR's departure, but that didn't destroy the team.

The loss of YEKINDAR was severe for the Outsiders and made the team weaker. If we compare the previous composition with the one, the current version is weaker. However, even after the departure of YEKINDAR and buster, the Outsiders are full of great shooters.
Duncan Thorin Shields

YEKINDAR will play for Liquid in the group stage of IEM Cologne.