Top 10 CS:GO players of March 2023 - FaZe Clan dominates the game!

Top 10 CS:GO players of March 2023 - FaZe Clan dominates the game!

Another month of the professional season in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has ended. During this period, the main part of ESL Pro League Season 17 took place, and now it's time to sum up the month. Who became the best CS:GO player in March?

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When forming the top, we took into account the individual rating of esports players exclusively in Tier-1 competitions for March 2023. provides the most accurate rating, which allows you to easily and conveniently evaluate the results of each player in each round, map, and match. For the first time in the history of CS:GO, such indicators as side, economy, and many other factors that were previously in the shadows have been taken into account in the rating. The maximum rating score is 10 points!

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Top 10 CS:GO players in March 2023

#10 Paweł dycha Dycha


ENCE rifler is placed tenth in the top CS:GO players for March. dycha, like his entire team, delighted the viewers of EPL S17 with his play. After the group stage of the championship, no one expected ENCE to sweep G2 Esports and Team Vitality in the playoffs. The team finished in 3-4th place, losing to Cloud9 in the semifinals. dycha's average rating for March was 6.4.

#9 Håvard rain Nygaard


As FaZe Clan won the EPL trophy and the Intel Grand Slam, it's no surprise that the team's players made our top list. Rain didn't take much time to celebrate the birth of his first child and got straight back to work after returning. Nygaard has an average rating of 6.4 for March and is only one point ahead of the previous player in the top list.

#8 Marcelo coldzera David


Before the start of 00NATION at EPL, team captain Epitácio TACO de Melo left the team, and it seemed like the team was doomed after yet another roster shuffle. However, coldzera was determined and managed to lead his team through the lower bracket of Group C into the playoffs of the tournament. There, they immediately lost to Natus Vincere, but still. The average rating of the Brazilian esports player for March was 6.4.

#7 Denis electroNic Sharipov


Natus Vincere continue to struggle, but they are slowly improving. Players are regaining confidence in their abilities, and one of those players is electroNic. Sharipov is gradually adapting to his new role on the server and is starting to demonstrate the same high level of shooting skills as before. He still has a way to go to reach perfection, but the results are already visible. electroNic received an average rating of 6.5 for March.

#6 Russel Twistzz Van Dulken


Another, but not the last, representative of FaZe in our top. Twistzz became the first esports player in history to win the Intel Grand Slam twice. Previously, the Canadian CS:GO player achieved this feat with Team Liquid. His average individual rating for March was 6.5.

#5 Felipe skullz Medeiros


PaiN Gaming proved to be a pleasant surprise in March, based on their results at EPL S17. The team finished 9-12th, tied with FURIA, and managed to knock out none other than Liquid along the way. The brightest star during this run was 20-year-old rifler skullz, with a rating of 6.6 for March. Let's see if he can continue to lead the Brazilian team to more impressive victories in the future.

#4 Karim Krimbo Moussa


Despite being the youngest player on BIG at 20 years old, Krimbo is the most consistent player on his team. His promotion from the academy to the main team can be considered a success, but currently BIG is not yet in contention for a top-5 spot in the world rankings. Nevertheless, it's good to see that there are talented young players in Germany. Krimbo had a rating of 6.6 for March.

#3 Helvijs broky Saukantz


Another FaZe player makes it to our top 3. broky was also included in the "Dream Team" according to as the best sniper of EPL S17. His performance was comparable to the first half of 2022, when his team was almost unbeatable. As for his individual rating for March, it was 6.6.

#2 Oleksandr s1mple Kostyliev


The Ukrainian sniper seems to have started to recover after a significant decline in February. The previous month was quite bleak for him and without any mind-blowing highlights. Kostyliev clearly has no intention of playing RMR and Major in Paris carelessly. For March, s1mple's rating was 6.7.

#1 Robin ropz Kool


The Estonian did not earn the title of MVP at the recent ESL Pro League Season 17 for nothing. The best lurker ever to play for FaZe had an excellent month in terms of statistics, reaching a rating of 6.8. If ropz maintains this form until the regional RMR, his team will easily make it to the last Major in CS:GO history.

The final top 10 CS:GO players of March by
The final top 10 CS:GO players of March by

The era of CS:GO is nearing its end as Valve has announced Counter-Strike 2. The transition to the new engine will show which esports players can quickly adapt to the new conditions. After the transition to CS2 in the summer of 2023, the entire professional scene will get a breath of fresh air, which guarantees unforgettable emotions.