to attend ESL Pro League as Outsiders to compete without organization.

A week ago, ESL announced the disqualification of Russian-based teams from their tournaments due to the Russian-Ukrainian crisis. However, the lineups were allowed to take part in the event without the organization, sponsors, and flag. Today, roster gave their official response to these requirements.

The team announced that the lineup will attend ESL Pro League Season 15 without organization. The roster took the name Outsiders and will compete in Group B. lineup to compete under Outsiders tag lineup to compete under Outsiders tag took 5-6th at IEM Katowice, failing to resist against G2 in the quarterfinal. However, they showed confident performance in the group stage and proved that the lineup has huge potential.

Another team to compete without organization are Gambit. Although, they still didn’t comment on the situation and might not attend the tournament.

Outsiders will enter the competition on March 16th.