Team Vitality "2-0" Astralis, to EPL S14 playoffs

Team Vitality "2-0" Astralis, to EPL S14 playoffs

Not a clash of titans anymore

An anticlimactic finish to the day.

One of the rivalries, which defined recent history of CS:GO, Astralis against Team Vitality lost some charm since both teams are not in their championship form right now, but it still remains as one of hotly contested games whenever server is on.

Danes started strong on Overpass, as they led “6-2” on their defence, but a force buy victory pushed the Frenchmen forward, as led by “misutaaa” they took a three round lead to the half time. Astralis got another pistol victory and a pair of successful conversions but a botched plant left them with no time in an otherwise won round, which gave Team Vitality enough fuel to take the first map, “16-9”. Monstrous defence by the French team nearly shut Astralis out of Inferno, but Danes never lost their composure and reduced the deficit to “9-13”. A pair of mid splits allowed Vitality to regain control despite losing first picks, as they converted second map in their favour, “16-9” to secure the map, the series and their spot in ESL Pro League Season 14 playoffs.

The French squad will face off against Team Spirit in the last round of play, while Astralis need to not only beat Heroic but hope for ENCE Esports falling against a winless Bad News Bears team to progress to the first round of the playoff bracket.