Vitality go past ENCE in the quarterfinal of Blast Spring Final

Vitality are in the semifinals.

The third day of the Blast Premier Spring Final has come to an end, and the winner of the second quarterfinal has been determined.

In the last quarterfinal, Vitality faced ENCE.

Vitality are preparing to face G2
Vitality are preparing to face G2

Vitality picked Overpass and started the map with taking advantage and nine rounds in the first half. After the sides switched, the French-Danish team also looked better than their opponents and finished the map 16-10. On the second map, Vitality also won 9 rounds in the first half, however, ENCE regained the initiative on the CT side, but despite three map points, they could not finish the game, which was transferred to the overtime. And it was won by Vitality 19-17.

Vitality are preparing for G2 in the semifinals, while ENCE go home with the 5th-6th place.