Vitality win French derby at Blast Premier

Vitality continue their win streak.

The second upper semifinal of the day at Blast Premier Wold Final 2021 turned out to be the French derby. Vitality managed to beat G2 in the fundamental standoff.

Vitality continue their las dance
Vitality continue their las dance

Nuke was picked by Vitality and they showed their dominance from the start of the map. However, G2 managed to come back and win the first half. After the sides switched Vitality didn’t give any chances to their opponent and won the map with a score of 16-10.

On Mirage the situation repeated. Vitality lost the first half again but managed to come back on the T side overcoming G2 and taking the second map with a score of 16-13.

G2 are preparing to face NaVi in the lower bracket while Vitality are waiting to fight Gambit М