"Xizt" retires from the competition

"Xizt" retires from the competition

One of the CS:GO legends.

Another superstar hangs up his mouse.

Xizt”, one of the most famous in-game leaders from Sweden has announced his retirement. A legendary captain, who played for fnatic, Ninjas in Pyjamas, FaZe Clan and Dignitas throughout his career, has not played much in the past few months since his benching from the rejuvenated Dignitas lineup and decided to call it quits after twelve years in the professional esports.

Leading fnatic in the last few years of CS 1.6 and then becoming one of the members of the monstrous “87-0” era Ninjas in Pyjamas, Xizt won more than twenty major titles, including a Major at IEM Cologne in 2014. Even in FaZe Clan, despite being a stand-in, the Swede managed to conquer IEM Sydney by beating none other but Astralis in the final match of the event.

After Xizt’s retirement, there are only two players from that NiP squad still active and both are on Dignitas, as friberg and f0rest are still aiming to get to the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 during the IEM Fall Europe event in less than a week.