"Xyp9x" extends his deal with Astralis until 2025

Golden lineup looks to be back.

The big signing.

2021 is not the easiest year for Astralis, as the Danish organisation seems to be on the brink of rebuilding their lineup. With “device” leaving to join Ninjas in Pyjamas, “Lucky” joining the team and most of the golden lineup members not extending their contracts, the Scandinavian team looked to finish 2021 and move on.

However with “gla1ve” extending his contract until 2024, now Astralis have signed a new deal with “Xyp9x”, which comes as a mild surprise due to the support player being subbed out most of the time for the newest additions in the past. Clutch minister is going to stay with the unit until 2025 and looks to be a cornerstone of the franchise alongside “gla1ve”, “Lucky” and arguably, “Bubzkji”, who is going to miss playing at PGL Major Stockholm due to the roster lock.

It remains to be seen if “dupreeh”, “Magisk” and the head coach “zonic” are going to stay with the team, but the fans can be confident in most of the clutches going their way in 2022 and beyond.