BIG crush Astralis in the last match of Blast Spring Groups

BIG are the last team to enter Blast Premier Spring Final.

The last match of the Last Chance Stage at Blast Premier Spring Groups has been finished, and the last team to attend Spring Final has been decided.

Astralis faced BIG, who weren’t able to overcome FaZe in the final stage of the Knockout Stage. Previously, Astralis lost to BIG in the second round of that stage.

BIG destroyed Astralis once again
BIG destroyed Astralis once again

Astralis picked Ancient, and the first half was terrible for the Danish team. BIG were winning round after round finishing the half 11-4. However, Astralis did an amazing comeback but didn’t manage to finish the game, losing their pick with a score of 16-14.

BIG chose to play Dust 2 and started their domination from the beginning of the map. The first half was finished with a score of 12-3. Astralis weren’t able to come back, and BIG won the last map at Blast Premier Spring Groups with a score of 16-9.

BIG suddenly advance to Blast Premier Spring Final, while Astralis are waiting for their appearance at Spring Showdown.