Sharks Esports, MIBR move on at CBCS RMR

Sharks Esports, MIBR move on at CBCS RMR

Favourites advanced to the semifinals

Favourites move on to the semifinals at 2021 CBCS RMR event.

MIBR and Sharks Esports faced off against each other during the last South American RMR tournament and there is going to be a rematch in the semifinals of CBCS Elite League Season 2.

The best team in the region, MIBR, brushed off anything what was thrown at them by KG Network. “chelo”s team dropped only 11 rounds during Mirage and Dust2 and advanced to the semifinals, guaranteeing themselves a big chunk of RMR points in addition to what was already accumulated.

“jnt”’s Sharks Esports had a bit more trouble against Havan Liberty, as Inferno and Ancient were closely contested at the half time. And while Ancient featured a defensive master class by Sharks, Inferno was all about closing it out on the offensive side of the map, progressing to the semifinals.

Sharks Esports-MIBR is going to be played right after Paqueta and Bravos faceoff tomorrow with winners moving to the finals and losers fighting for the third place shortly after on Sunday.