"blameF" leaves Complexity Gaming

An unexpected turn of events.

An absolute transfer bomb.

While PGL Major Stockholm 2021, expectedly enough, attracts the most attention in the media right now, the big transfers, when the best players in the world are involved, can not be missed.

That is exactly what happened, when Complexity Gaming announced a yet another lineup change after a disappointing series of results this fall, this time waving goodbye to their in-game leader and, arguably, the strongest player, “blameF”. The Danish captain was with the organization for quite a while, even before the “Juggernaut” was built, but became the third player in a span of a few weeks to leave after “k0nfig” and “poizon”. That marks the end of that roster, which won BLAST Premier Spring in 2020, as both “RUSH” and “oBo” have left Complexity Gaming before any of the European stars did the same.


It remains to be seen, what is in play for the Dallas-based organization, as “jks” and “es3tag” are still contracted to the team with “coldzera” joining the squad on a temporary basis, but “blameF” is unlikely to have a lack of offers present to him once the Major ends.