Complexity win American derby against Evil Geniuses at ESL Pro League

Complexity get their first win at ESL Pro League.

Day 4 in Group D at ESL Pro League continues, and the second match of the day ended.

Complexity faced Evil Geniuses in the American derby. Previously, both teams didn’t manage to achieve a single win.

Complexity go to 1-3
Complexity go to 1-3

The match started with Inferno, picked by Evil Geniuses. The team started the map by seizing an early advantage. The first half ended 9-6 in favor of Evil Geniuses. Complexity didn’t manage to fight back, and the map was finished 16-10 by their opponents.

Complexity chose Vertigo, and the first half was close. Evil Geniuses managed to win eight rounds on the CT side. However, Complexity easily returned to the game-winning the second 16-11.

The decider was Vertigo, and Complexity didn’t hesitate on that map. Complexity gained confidence after a won map and finished the first half with 11:4. Evil Geniuses tried to come back, but Complexity quickly took control of the game and finished the decider 16-10.

Complexity get their first win at the event, while Evil Geniuses lose the fourth match in a row.