Heroic cleared by ESIC, publish a players' video

An emotional day for the team.

The Danish team being cleared.

A high octane drama about “HUNDEN” and the talented Heroic team, which was accused by its former head coach about knowing about the coaching bug abuse and helping to utilize it, continued this week with the ESIC decision and the players coming to spotlight as well.

Former went as far as clearing almost every player on that Heroic lineup in 2020, which managed to win multiple big trophies and rise up to the very top of the rankings, besides “niko”, who got a minor penalty without any significant bans due to the medical conditions. Players, however, were not satisfied with that and published a video involving not only the current Heroic players but the likes of “b0RUP”, who is in MAD Lions right now. An emotional video, featuring them explaining the thought process during the ban, trusting the head coach to not abuse it and being flamed by the community for no reason is definitely something to watch.

With the decision to not punish any of the players, Heroic can now prepare for PGL Major Stockholm, where they are going to start with the match against TYLOO in the first round of the Swiss system.