Heroic terminate HUNDEN's contract

Heroic terminate HUNDEN's contract

Another scandal in CS:GO.

Long awaited return of “HUNDEN” to Heroic did not last long, as Danish team has decided to terminate the deal with their head coach.

Hailed as one of the brightest minds in CS:GO scene, “HUNDEN” started working with Heroic shortly after his retirement post-MAD Lions, helping Danes to become the world number one after their ESL Cologne 2020 victory. However, coach was banned for using the camera bug and could not work with team during events until this May.

That alliance did not last long as Heroic had a couple of subpar results, all while HUNDEN was linked with a move to Astralis to become their next head coach. When and if that move is going to happen at all is going to be decided very shortly, as Heroic not only fired coach, but accused him of sharing the stratbook with “direct opponents” during IEM Cologne 2021.

Those accusations are going to be resolved in Danish court, so HUNDEN, Heroic and maybe even Astralis are going to be closely watch the development of the situation, since it became public.